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Revised Delivery Checklist

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There is an excellent delivery checklist on this site. It seems as though we now have a number of folks in the 02 population that have been through the process. Any help updating the list from the 02 perspective would be greatly appreciated. My RRP EX-L RES is due in at the end of October.

While driving by the dealer I saw their first RRP with this configuration being unloaded.
I liked the color and the quartz leather looked nice in my opinion. I noticed that the middle row seats now slide frontward and back as well as side to side in the bench and bucket configuration.

Have a great Day.
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Thanks. I did check the links out late last night and did not see it, or the fact that I should scroll down the page..... something about life after 40 after 10pm. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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