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right rear clunking noise

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Hi, my 05 Ody has developed a clunking noise coming from the right rear tire area. My husband took the tire off and tried to find the problem but without success. I was in a rear end collision in 09 and the van had a similar problem. The body shop said it was the right rear shock and they replaced it. No noise until now. The van has 77,000 miles and of course we are now out of extended warranty. Could the rear shock already be going bad?? The noise is only noticeable when i am going slow. It is very annoying but does not appear to affect the way the van drives. Thanks for any input:(
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Could you describe when the clunking noise happens? Going over a bump?
Hi Dave,
the noise is present whether the road is bumpy or not, but it does seem worse when i hit a pothole. I can't seem to hear it when i am going over about 30 mph, not sure if its not happening at higher speeds or its just not audible. thanks
Hi Jill,

A bad shock wouldn't make any sound, unless it was loose on its mounting. But I wonder if the exhaust was bent in the collision and is hitting off the shock? The two are in the same general area, but I 'm not sure if they could come close enough to make contact.

If your husband is up to it, ask him to check for signs of abrasion on the shock or the exhaust. I have to warn you though not to work under the car when supported only by a jack. Either use safety stands or visit a garage that you trust. Sometimes the chain muffler shops will have a look at no charge, but watch for the upsell.

- Dave
no posts here recently but i found the monroe's have too big of hole for the bottom mounting bolt and shortly have some play there that is taken up by the spring inside the shock and makes it hard to find.
My factory REAR shock leaked oil at 35K miles.
Unless Honda redesigns the REAR shock, I'd not be surprised if the REAR shock absorbers in the Ody fail every 35K-40K.
The good news are:

- They are inexpensive:
---> PN 52610-SHJ-A03 is $100/each.
---> KYB GR-2 PN 349091 (superseded to PN 349105) is $40/each
Most people go with KYB because it is cheaper and better than Honda.
- Very very easy to replace.

More reading here:
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