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Road noise - Tires?

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2000 Odyssey Ex-Nav 30,000 215/65R16 Michelin Symmetry Tires at 35 psi.

Over the still low mileage road noise seemingly from the front tires (rotated regularly) seems to have become a distraction. In fact, when quite loud a minute vibration can even be felt in the steering wheel. Now the noise seems to be present only about 85% of the time and has not been proven to be related to road surface. I therefore wonder if somehow the cooling fan activation and speed might be a part of the situation.

Or is a high level of road noise (Hummmmm) just a problem with the Ody 2000?
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In my experience, the Odyssey has a pretty high level of road noise, depending upon the surface. Around our area, there is quite a lot of asphalt which is weathered and has quite a lot of esposed agregate. The Odyssey is VERY loud on that stuff. That has been my only big disappointment with the van. I also feel that the front end has too much "knocking" type noise over broken pavement. No one else seems to have noticed it, but, I had it checked out by the dealer and all was found to be tight and proper. I use 35-38 psi in my tires, depending upon what type of driving I am going to do.

Jerry O. 2001 GG LX
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