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I've seen the past posts about the limitations of Honda x-bars when used with cargo boxes ... ie they may fail. The solution seemed to be to go to a Thule or Yakima system that attaches to the factory rails on my EX. But both Yakima and Thule say that their systems are not rated for only 100 lbs when a box is used on the Honda rails. That's 100 lbs less the weight of box and rack! So why spend the $ on an aftermarket system if it isn't any better than the factory rails? Opinions? Experience?

Also, neither company had a recommended fit for the 2002 Ody yet. With the various minor '02 changes I was wondering if the rails had changed from 2001?


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I have read the (three or so) pages of posts on the crossbar issue. As an owner of both a 1996 and a 2002 Odyssey I can say I do not see much of an issue.

The cargo boxes that I have always used have starps and clips the attach to the "rain gaurd" (or top of the door for lack of a better description). I have not been able to find clips for the 2002 so I am thinking of just looping the straps around the main frame. In other words, I have always used the crossbars to hold the weight of the carrier but have never trusted it to handle side winds or lift pressure.

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