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hey new to forum, just bought a new to us 1995 odyssey. I am a welder by trade and have been tinkering with cars for over 30 years since I was early teen. I am no expert by any means but am competent amateur.

I did my homework and looked for quite awhile for a 95-98 vintage odyssey. Wikipedia says it was the best built most reliable minivan ever, it was that write up in wikipedia that convinced me I needed a 1st gen ody.

I just brought home my van yesterday and I will be needing to do some work on it but had to share with someone who might appreciate what I found, when I saw the listing I thought it might be scam, if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. When I got the story and went to look I realized it was the real thing.

It is a 1995 with 80,300 original miles, yes that is correct, 80,300. No body damage, no accidents reported, It came from Pheonix so no rust, never seen a northern missouri winter. It was owned by elderly man (older than me) who passed it on to his son with health problems who then passed it to his daughter who did not want the old peoples car. When did vans become square cars anyway? I remember when the microbus was all the rage. I had a 63 with the windows in the top, very very cool ride.

She sold it to me because she didn't want it, $2,300. It wasn't to good to be true either, It was probably the filthiest vehicle I have ever seen, it looks like they stored autoparts and had cats living on the inside. I guess thats why it was cheap. Also the windsheild is broken. The previous owner didnt want to mess with cleaning it up, just got rid of it. Thanks, I'll take it.

As far as mechanicals van is in great shape, needs radiator flush n fill, transmission maintenance, probably timing belt/water pump, tune up of course and the front end didn't feel quite right. Alignment off? CV joints?not quite sure, will have to do some investigating. It seems that while mileage is low and van came from dry area and had no accidents it was neglected.

The main problem is really that it is just filthy inside, I guess I will take everything apart and try to clean it up. I have tried a couple of searches for oem carpet and mats for the thing with no luck on the carpet. I can find newer OEM molded carpet but no 1st gen. Also it is the red color, not my favorite might have to get it in for paint. Oh also the radio doesnt work, previous owner said maybe a fuse but i tried changing fuse, no luck. That might be the theft prevention shutoff thing, I have the owners manual and there is something about that in there.

Anyway I am pretty stoked, I am looking at it like I did my old VW minibus, how do I do a tie dye paint job?
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