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Just got back from our first official road trip to Vegas in our 3 week old 02 SS LX and thought I would post a trip report.

Storage Capacity:

Wow! After having a Maxima as our "Big" car for many years, the sheer amount of stuff you can take with you is amazing. I dropped the Magic seat and proceded to pile in luggage and baby stuff to my hearts content. Even after bringing everything we could think of, it was only half full.

My wife and I rode up front to start with my 20 month old daughter taking the seat behing the driver and our weiner dog (Toby) taking the other middle seat.


Again, Wow! Plenty of power even up fairly long stretches of uphill freeway. MPG for the trip out of about 320 miles was 23.9 mpg and about 22.25 coming back (which included the city driving in Vegas itself)

On the return trip, we ran into some pretty nasty crosswinds and eventually rain as well. The high-profile Odyssey took it all in stride and didn't give any indications that it was having any difficulty with it. One thing we did notice during some bits of traffic in the rain is the speed sensitive wipers which I have never had before. It proved to be a very useful feature.


I had installed the 6-disk CD changer the week before as well as upgrading the front speakers to the Pioneer 1695's. For a road trip, the 6-disk changer was very handy to have. The difference in speaker quality on the fronts was excellent as well (all I have to judge from is childens songs though!)
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