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Well i finally found where my spare tire and jack are supposed to be..LMAO... and found that there are none..
my question to you fellow ody owners..

i want to obviously buy a new jack and spare tire..

spare tire i will have to search in a junk yard as of next week..

the jack
should i get a scissor jack from my local auto parts store, which will fit nicely inside the compartment> only rated for 1.5ton (i really dont like that)

or IS THERE a hydraulic jack small enough to fit inside the jack compartment that i can buy.. as you know they are rated to hold more weight and ill feel more comfortable with it

on top of all this
i was looking at my lug nuts and realized there is a lock nut which i dont have a lock for.. history shows that this van a service van in VT Honda dealer
believe it was Shearer Honda due to the vinyls outline on the glass.. then it got auctioned off and it needed here in MA

ill have my friend take them out for me.. i wonder what other surprises ill find

please lmk on the jack question
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