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Scratches on NAVI screen

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I've noticed since I picked up my van that the NAVI screen has what looks like vertical scratches all over the screen. They're not visible at all unless you're driving in the early morning/later afternoon sun that hits the screen 'head-on' then they're quite obvious (along w/ any dust particles and fingerprints). Anyone else notice this? Is it possible the dealer used a rag to clean it before I picked it up & scratched it?

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I noticed two vertical scratches (one about an inch in the top center and the other almost 3 inches below to the right) on our NAVI screen in the sunlight right after we bought our long awaited 01 Ody. The sunlight makes the scratches really look bad at it distorts the map, since the screen is relatively high up the console. The scratches were deep and you could feel them with your fingernail. I also have a NAVI in my Acura TL, so I can compare the viewing directly. The Ody NAVI gets more glare due to the angle and higher location of the screen.

I complained to our Honda dealer and they replaced the NAVI screen (after waiting for it on back order for a couple of weeks). I didn't lose any addresses previously entered, so I was quite pleased with the end results. I'm not sure how the scratches got there, but I suspect that there was a plastic cover over the screen and perhaps in the new car prep, it got scratched with a sharp object (ring?). Incidentially, I don't have any scratches on my TL NAVI screen after almost 2 years.

Ask you dealer and see if they will replace the screen.
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