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So I have a 2001 ody ex-l. I'm the second owner, and I want to do some pretty basic upgrades to the video system in my van. The orig. owner bought it with the VCR option and all the parts of the current system seem to work just fine. I want to swap over to a dvd player and looking at the way everything is hooked up I figure the easiest way to do so is just exchange the VCR for an X-Box 360. I have the regular red, white, & yellow rca jacks from the cord attached to the VCR and I have a power inverter installed already. So the hard part is done. But now I want to upgrade the video screen. I did a quick search and found people saying it can't be done, search on this site to find out why....... Well I have and I can't seem to find and info on why it can't be done. I see cheap e-bay 15 inch all in one flip downs for under $200 and wouldn't think that tapping into the power supply for the old honda flip down would be that difficult. So unless the issue is that the power supply can't feed the new unit everything should work fine correct?

So can anyone tell me why it can't be done or at least give me a link to read why?

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