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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tnuckels:
While we have an Evenflo Right Fit booster that serves infrequent duty in our 4Runner, the thought of having several of these bouncing around in the back of the van just in case another child needs to ride with us is not very practical. Another parent recently offered one of those snap on belt positioning as her solution to the problem. I have seen at least three flavors of these devices: the soft snap on that I mentioned before, a metal clip which is much like a car seat locking clip except triangular and with extra slots and tines, and a plastic shield sort of contraption. On first blush these seem like reasonable solutions, but after a little poking around, , I am not so sure.

I am curious if any at the OdyClub have any experiences with these devices, comments on their safety, etc.

Ugh! don't do it...don't do it! don't do it!

I didnt' read your link, but from the research I"ve done, these are a BAD idea.

Basically, kids under age 8/80 lbs or 100 lbs. or whatever cutoff you want to use need a booster to position the seatbelt correctly. "Correctly" means that the lap belt goes over the hips (NOT the stomach) and that the shoulder harness does not go across the face.

While these devices drop the shoulder harness to where it "should" be, they also raise the lap belt to where it should NOT be--the soft tissue in the stomach area and not the strong hip bones that can sustain a crash impact.

I'm in a similar situation with a first grader. My solution: I've developed the freeway rule....if we're not on the freeway, I've convinced myself (haha) that a collision wouldn't be at a quick enough speed that a 7 YO in a regular car seatbelt would be seriously injured. I make sure they sit up straight so that the belt fits them in the best way possible. In a longer trip or a freeway trip, I insist that the parent furnish a carseat (or I send one along for my kid in the opposite situation).

We're lucky that we only live a mile from school on city streets...a country road is more worrisome, but I would NOT use the belt-positioning triangular device thing.

You might want to try a resale shop for the smaller, just-the-base boosters. We have one of those that fits just fine in the magic seat well ;-)


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