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Second gear mis-shift

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2002 Odyssey EX-L
~150,000 miles
1st rebuilt transmission.

I had my odyssey transmission rebuilt nearly one year ago. We took it back because several months ago it started acting up. Some repairs were made, but one intermittent problem is unresolved.

When driving at low speeds, such as entering a parking lot or slowing down for a speed bump then re-accelerating, the transmission fails to complete the first to second gear shift. The problem is very intermittent and I've been unable to reproduce it at will. It seems to happen more frequently when it's cold outside, as it occurred frequently this past winter driving down my street in the morning.

I think the problem may be electrical, since most of the time the transmission functions properly. Any ideas what the cause may be? I'm thinking a clutch pressure switch or solenoid. I'm not sure which switches control second gear, but the problem is very specific to that gear. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Could be...after my tranny was replaced it would sometimes slam into 2nd gear. Luckily I could reproduce it or they wouldn't have done anything about it. In my case if I gradually pushed harder on the accelerator when it was almost time to shift into 2nd I could get it to slam. They said it was a loose connection and it hasn't happened since. Good luck.
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