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Securing items in that cubby off to the left at the back of the van...

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Hi all,

The Odys have that cubby in the back to the left. Mine came with a cargo net too. I currently store things like my tow rope, my winter snow chains, my fire extinguisher, my flat tire inflator, and my first aid kit there.

Trouble is, the cargo net is no where near strong enough, and so this stuff "slops" around. It's really bad when I need to lift up or lower the 3rd row seat, as the stuff inevitably gets caught up.

Has anyone figured out an elegant solution to this problem?

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(Not meaning to sound like a wiseguy, but....) You could go with the minimalist approach and stuff less stuff in it. I totally identify with trying to get the bench seat up and down with the cargo net pooching out into the way.

We keep the first aid kit in the drawer under the passenger seat and jumper cables under the floor in the spare tire well. The coil of cable fits nicely inside the spare's wheel. You may be able to store your rarely used items there (tow rope, chains).

BTW, the Maglite brackets are a really nice accessory. I have those in my pickup!
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