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Hi there! I know there have been tons of posts asking for tire recommendations, and I have tried to read through them.

Having said that, I hope no one minds I I ask for some tire advice for my specific situation, which is as follows:

1-Will be driving the car in Washington DC area so some months of snow. Most driving will be in city traffic, with occasional weekend getaways onto the countryside/ freeways / back roads of the area.

2-Currently living (stationed in Hawaii) and want to get the new tires put on the vehicle here, before the car goes on the boat next week, so that:

-We have new tires on the car when we pick it up and there is possibly snow on the road-

-Don't take the chance of vehicle shipment company rejecting car because tire tread is too low or sidewalls have too many cracks from 5 years of sunshine

3-I am flexible with the tire budget and am willing to spend more for quality, safety, reduced road noise, etc.

The 2 most mainstream options I knew to look into here on Oahu were Discount Tire and Costco.

Discount Tire’s In Stock Options:
A-Goodyear Assurance All Season:
$720 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

B-Toyo Proxis ST3
$800 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

Costco’s In Stock Options
A-Bridgestone Dueler Alenza
$712 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

Michelin Premiere LTX
$716 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

I would very much appreciate any thoughts from all the gurus/experts/motorheads here about the above 4 options.

In terms of future visits to the tire vendor for flats/rebalancing/rotations, etc, there are multiple Costcos where I will be living, but no discount Tire Center locations.

However, I am not as concerned about that, if you all feel that the Goodyear or the Toyo are a better way to go, vs the Bridgestone or the Michelin.

Thanks very much in advance!

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I realize the thread is a little stale, but I got Goodyear 'Assurance Weather Ready'. I'm just 100 miles south of DC and one reason I got these is they are rated for good traction in snow. They're not 'snow tires' but in the typical slushy wet snows we get they will outperform regular 'all-season'. Had them a couple of months now and very pleased. Just did a 1000-mile round trip on I-85 which has all kinds of pavement and conditions, and the tires were amazing. First, they are very quiet except for impact noise. Second, it was raining hard most of the way down and there was not a hint of hydroplaning. Third, I had a few instances of hard braking and some fast lane changes at 75 mph. No squealing, great response and great feeling of control. I was not able to find any 'feathering' or edge wear at all after the trip.
All in all, If these great tires last even 40K miles, I will be happy, particularly as I got them for $650 out-the-door at Sam's Club, with their outstanding tire warranty.
Compared to the Michelin 'Premier' that I paid $1000 for, these are twice the tire in every way I can think of to compare, and we only got about 30K out of them.
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