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Hi there! I know there have been tons of posts asking for tire recommendations, and I have tried to read through them.

Having said that, I hope no one minds I I ask for some tire advice for my specific situation, which is as follows:

1-Will be driving the car in Washington DC area so some months of snow. Most driving will be in city traffic, with occasional weekend getaways onto the countryside/ freeways / back roads of the area.

2-Currently living (stationed in Hawaii) and want to get the new tires put on the vehicle here, before the car goes on the boat next week, so that:

-We have new tires on the car when we pick it up and there is possibly snow on the road-

-Don't take the chance of vehicle shipment company rejecting car because tire tread is too low or sidewalls have too many cracks from 5 years of sunshine

3-I am flexible with the tire budget and am willing to spend more for quality, safety, reduced road noise, etc.

The 2 most mainstream options I knew to look into here on Oahu were Discount Tire and Costco.

Discount Tire’s In Stock Options:
A-Goodyear Assurance All Season:
$720 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

B-Toyo Proxis ST3
$800 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

Costco’s In Stock Options
A-Bridgestone Dueler Alenza
$712 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

Michelin Premiere LTX
$716 for all 4 tires mounted / balanced

I would very much appreciate any thoughts from all the gurus/experts/motorheads here about the above 4 options.

In terms of future visits to the tire vendor for flats/rebalancing/rotations, etc, there are multiple Costcos where I will be living, but no discount Tire Center locations.

However, I am not as concerned about that, if you all feel that the Goodyear or the Toyo are a better way to go, vs the Bridgestone or the Michelin.

Thanks very much in advance!
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