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Dropped my 2001 LX off at Honda of Lisle, IL. I wanted them to investigate a loud, grinding noise in the front brakes, and advise on when they could fix my transmission problem (I have developed a slight case of the "shift cable dieseling" noise).

The result? No one intelligent was around when I picked it up, though I suspect this may be the case in general. The write-up said they could not duplicate the transmission noise. Then, it said the noise is characteristic of the vehicle, and that no fix is available. I wondered how they could determine this if they couldn't duplicate it. In regards to the fix, I provided them in advance with a few threads worth of complaints from this forum and others, including details of the shift cable and ECM fixes. Oh well, strike one.

As for the brakes? They said I had 67% left on the front pads, 80% on the rears. They then proceeded to charge me almost $50 for a cleaning which I hadn't authorized. Of course, at 11,700 miles, it should be under warranty, too. So, I had to wait 10 minutes for some manager with an attitude to tell me that pads and drums are not covered under the warranty. I pointed out that they didn't change the pads, but intead "cleaned" the brakes to fix a problem that should be covered under the warranty. He disappeared for a while then returned and said I still had to pay some $5 fee, and acted like he was doing me a big favor by charging me $5 more than it should have cost. I did pay, but that's now strike two, and I am going to call and request a customer satisfaction form from Honda.

The brake noise is greatly reduced, but I can still hear and feel it when I am almost to a stop at low speeds. Both problems only became apparent a few months ago, and that is reason enough for me to believe that both are a real problem. Noises that occur from day one on all vehicles may be characteristic, but these are not. Neither seems serious, so my original goal of having them documented in my service history was met. I'll try a different dealer before my warranty expires, too.
How I miss the Saturn service department.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by caviller:
Dropped my 2001 LX off at Honda of Lisle, IL.</font>
Post if you find good service somewhere in the Chicago area.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Maugham:
Originally posted by caviller:
Dropped my 2001 LX off at Honda of Lisle, IL.</font>
Post if you find good service somewhere in the Chicago area.
I've previously used Honda of Lisle for an oil change and accessory installation. Had no problems until now. Then again, this is the first visit where avoiding responsibility might save them (or Honda) significant money. With the exception of Saturn, I usually find "good service" is rarely associated with "car dealer."
We've also had problems with the service department at Honda of Lisle. When they removed the snow tires and put the OEM tires back on last spring on my husband's S2000, they scratched every one of the wheels. Despite numerous calls to them, they offered no satisfaction whatsoever. The service department manager never returned one of our phone calls and neither did the general manager. We just decided to give up and never do business with them again.

I just went to the new McGrath Honda dealer in St. Charles and they did some warranty work for me without problems. Unfortunately, you don't really know if they are good until you do have problems with them and are able to see how they respond!

Would appreciate any other feedback on Honda dealers in DuPage County Illinois, and surrounding communities. I want to find a good one (we own 3 Hondas!), but sometimes doubt that one exists.


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This may not help you depending on where you live in the Metro Chicago area. I have had decent luck at Pauly Honda in Libertyville. They took care of my brake noise in reverse at no charge. They have also fix numerous other Ody issues, rear window squeal, rear spoiler gasket, etc. I had to use Schaumberg Honda in a pinch once and they were okay. Schaumberg Honda has hours from 7:00am to Midnight...nice. Stay away from Rosen Honda in Gurnee. I had bad experience with them. No customer service in the service area and the salesman all stand around watching TV and making tasteless jokes in from of customers.
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