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There's some excellent tutorials on here on how to replace that pesky center roller. Do a search for "sliding door", and they'll come up. I printed them out, knowing it'll be in my future at some point, although today, the track just needed some cleaning.

FYI, all the tutorials (for the power sliders) reference the following part numbers for the roller assembly (apparently you can't just purchase the roller by itself):
EX Part # 72520-S0X-A53 (passenger side)
EX Part # 72560-S0X-A53 (driver's side

These can be purchased online at for about $60/side if you hate going to the dealer as much as I do(inconvenient side of town, and inconvenient hours for me). This roller assembly comes with the hinge part as well, so you pop out the old one and drop in the new one

One thing I haven't seen noted in the tutorials is that it APPEARS (I haven't tested this yet), that there is an alternate part number that you can purchase for about $20 cheaper per side if your hinge assembly is OK.

EX Part #: 72521-S0X-A51 (passenger side)

EX Part # 72561-S0X-A51 (driver's side)

It would require you to transfer over the hinge part of the assembly that attaches to the door, but like I said, it saves $20/side. When I do it, I'll probably do the former set of part numbers myself, but it looks like a viable alternative for those who are interested.

If you go to the link above, and enter your model's information, and drill down to the BODY section and SLIDING DOOR MOTORS, there's a great diagram of the parts to look at for this repair.

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