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Just got back from a 875 total miles trip yesterday. Again, another awesome trip.Van was very comfortable.Almost lulled me to boredom. Maintained speeds between 80 mph-90 mph. Even up the Grapevine. Man, this van can climb ! Kept up with a 911 up the Grapevine. I'm sure he could've kicked it though.
Accidentally creeped up and hit 100 mph. Didn't really notice it 'cause the van was so stable and quiet ! Had to spank myself for doing that. Thank God the wife was asleep.

Mileage was ok( 24mpg), considering the average speed we were doing.
Definitely have to get that screen for the PS2 so my daughter doesn't get bored next time !
Overall, another "10" for another trip !

'01 GG LX "Lagreat"(with stuff,just S-T-U-F-F)

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