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Shinjohn - Re my Kenwood CD player:

I went to the Good Guys and they put a new CD player in for me in 20 minutes! They said that sometimes faceplates can be defective, though they had never heard of one being affected by temperatures. Regardless, they said if this one causes problems, I can bring it back, too, within the 30 day period! So far, so good! We'll be traveling to the Bay Area this week, so we can test it a lot.

Once again, thanks to my Odyclub friends for giving great advice!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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No problem, glad I could help! Hope this one is trouble free for you!
Gee, coming to the bay this week, maybe we could have another meet?

Take care, and have a great T-Day!


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'01 DEP EX, looks stock, for now...
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