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i don't know where to put this post so dear moderator, if u feel it does not belong here, move it as u please.

advance auto parts ( i am not sure if they are nation wide)

my local store here in central texas is offering $30 off for purchase of $150 or more.
$20 of $100.

i bought

monroe strut-mate mounting kit $25 each
their brand or wagner is what they call it brake pads $22
fram extra guard oil filter $5.50
ngk oe spark plug $10 (each, bought 6 ofcourse)
idler pulley(dayco) $18

- $30

+$10 (tax)

$135 total

spark plug was pretty good deal
strut mounting kit wasn't bad as well.

I alreay bought KYB struts and shocks off of ebay for $205.
since i have to do take all that out (hard work!)
might as well do plates as well.

hope anyone reads this find this info useful.
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