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Should I buy an Odyssey

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We are shopping for our first mini-van and in my research found this site. The Odysseys look great but a little more than I wanted to spend. I know this is a Odyssey site and therefore probably tons of great reviews, but I would love to know if the current owners would buy again, not buy again, etc. We are a family of 5 moving up from an SUV. Is the extra price worth it? Please help...
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You'll probably be inundated soon with reviews, mostly positive.

Our family is very happy with our '02 Redrock Pearl EX-L and would not consider anything less. We keep our cars for a long time and truly appreciate quality. We shopped long and hard before making our decision.

See the <a href="">Odyclub poll</a> on customer satisfaction (the one dated Tue. Jan. 22). The polling site gets busy sometimes, so just click refresh until you get in.


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What extra price? If you mean having to pay at or around MSRP well that has been discussed here ad nauseam. I for one would have liked to have paid less, but that applies to everything. I am completely happy with the decision we made.
Lots of space - You can fit 5 people or more comfortably with room to spare for cargo.

Lots of power - 240 hp and VTEC technology

Better gas milege than most SUVs

Car-like handling

Highest safety rated minivan

Optional navigation or rear entertainment

High resale value

It's a definite winner in my book!
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I'd buy again in a heartbeat. Even though I had to purchase way over-priced add ons.
A fellow Okie!! Welcome to the club! I've got two kids, one of whom is driving on her own now and the other will be driving next year. Don't plan on selling the Ody anytime soon, however - great vehicle for just my wife and I. Get one now and make sure it has some type of entertainment system in it! You won't regret it.
If the price is a little rich there's good news for you. The improvements on the 2002 model have tempted many people to trade in there 1-2 year-old Odys. I've seen several late model used Odys on lots here in St. Louis. The dealers are asking too much for them (as usual trolling for suckers) but if you tell them you're ready to buy today if they'll take $x, it can work. Also try and similar sites. Also consider the Mazda MPV. It fits in the garage easier, and hauls the same # of folks and is available with an awsome sunroof. Just don't plan on bringing as much luggage, as the MPV has less room behind the disappearing 3rd row seat, which with 5 family members won't be disappearing very often.

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