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Silver Paint Problem?

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Well, I got the call today! I was on the waiting list for either a GG or SS EX-L, and the SS came in today! I went to look at it, checking to see if I could notice any of those paint problems that I read about here, but it looked good to me!
So I will take delivery on Monday. I'll take another very close look before I sign on the dotted line and hand over my $$$, of course, but I'm hoping to get lucky.
QUESTION: What type of light, exactly, is right for seeing this defect, and what should I be looking for? They did have some paper still on the van (hot off the truck today), but from what I could see, the paint on this EX-L looked pretty darn beautiful!
I'm paying MSRP, as is the standard at all 4 dealers in my area in CT, but I think it's worth every penny.
I can't wait to drive that baby home!
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You'll want to look at every panel at different angles both in direct sunlight and in artificial light (see if you can pull it in the shop to look under their flourescent bulbs.) Our SS Odyssey has the swirling problem when you look at it in anything other than direct sunlight, and it's only visible if you look at it from the front of the van, not the rear.

Hope this helps. Make sure the van doesn't have this problem, because Honda isn't very willing to do much about it after the fact.

01 SS EX
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