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Jun 2010

Was looking to buy a used Odyssey or Sienna. They have fair market pricing (for a Honda dealership) advertisments on the web. But when you get there, I notice they where charging at least double Admin fee (500+), mandatory lock nuts (200) and mandatory Theft part tracking (500).

I asked what's justifying the cost of admin fee. They said. vehicle prep (others charge half that). Lock nuts, I can get a walmart for 29.95 (19.95 if I wait for a sale). And the dumbest of all was this Theft tracking of parts. They put some stickers on the doors, under the hood and tell me the vehicle is registered with police and would be able to track stolen parts. Who gives a hoot ? If it's stolen that's after the fact. Besides, do you really think I want them to put the vehicle back together after it's been ripped apart.

I also noticed on the lot the Odysseys they had were in so so shape. One would not start, another had some crappy body work done to it (even though carfax came out clean).

Won't be buying from them.
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