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sleepless247 new here but not to honda

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Hey all, Been a member since March doing research on these wonderful Minivans. Finally, picked one up after searching and chasing them around for months. Seems like every time one would pop up used it would sell super fast or the dealer was just to tight with their pricing. We ended up picking up a 2005 Touring Navi/RES. I've already begun the de pax process with a set of take off 2009 TL base 17" wheels and some 235/60/17 Blizzaks for this up coming winter. Once spring time comes I plan on getting a set of 20X9's wheels. My wife prefers the TSW Snetterton's but I may try to sway her in a different direction. Maybe a TSW Indy 500 as we've had spoke/mesh style wheels since 2000 on our Civics and Integras. As much as we love the Ody we do miss our 07 RDX Tech that we traded in for it :nothappy: We sure can't beat the room, comfort, and fuel mileage though. Especially, since the wifey wants to add a 3rd wonderful child to our lives. I think I like our Ody so much I may have to get one for my daily as well and retire my tow vehicle as it is a thirsty beast. Well thanks for reading and hope to learn and contribute as much as I can to this wonderful forum


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Welcome to the club. Seeing that you got a turbo CRX. RL3 can be turbo'd with a TL engine and tranny swap too.
Welcome to the club. Seeing that you got a turbo CRX. RL3 can be turbo'd with a TL engine and tranny swap too.

Believe me I'd love to do it. Especially, after seeing what the Honda factory guys of Alabama did with their Odyssey. Alas, this one is the wifeys and safety and reliability are key. If I get one of my own maybe I'll go ahead and do it. Of course I already have 2 toys the wife might get mad if I start messing with another one LOL. Thanks for the welcome : )
Impressions, reviews, compare snow tires

Okay so we've owned our Ody for a week now. I figure I'd share some pics, thoughts, opinions, etc.

First off, I drove many 05-08 Ody's mostly EX's and a couple LX's in the search for our currrent 2005 Ody touring. What I noticed about the EX's is that they were very sporty. Throttle response was excellent, braking was good, it was just a fun driving van. The LX seemed lethargic compared to the EX. Its like something was missing, like its heart and soul. The Touring model drove smooth handled corners well but just didn't seem to have the uumph the the EX has. It also seemed to take more brake pressure to get it to slow down as well.

That being said our new winter tires just came in and I had a chance to install them today. I ordered a set of Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 in 235/60/17. Let me tell you, I have a close personal friend that works at my local big name tire shop. The Manufacturers have done an excellent job at scaring these guys away from working on any vehicle with the PAX system. I've known this guy since I was 16 (32now)and he would do anything for me. He would NOT touch my van though said he would be FIRED! Wow thats insane.

I brought my Brand New in Box 2009 Acura TL base model wheels up to the tire shop along with my new TPMS. (OEM honda part #06421-S3V-A04 $33.50 each). Since they wouldn't mount them to my Ody I had to bring them home with me and mount them myself.

Here is where things get interesting. Upon removing the OEM touring wheels and tires I notice how heavy they are. Geez are these things heavy!!!! I've read that the wheel and tire combo weigh in at around 70lbs. I'd have to say that this is the heaviest 70lbs I've ever felt ugh. Mind you I'm not a lil guy (6'4" 280 bench over 300lbs). I went to pick up the first of the new wheel/tire combo and almost threw it! They are so much lighter then the old ones its insane.

On to the test drive, so after a week of driving on the original PAX junk. I became accustomed to the mediocre acceleration and not so inspiring braking of our touring model. With new wheels/tires mounted all I can say is WOW! There is the EX performance I felt when I was on those countless test drives. Acceleration is crisp, exciting, invigorating its amazing what a difference it has made. Even braking is that much better no more fading brake feeling its great! I'm going to monitor fuel economy as well and see if that improves also. Now, I sit hear and ask myself "Why did Honda make their top of the line model with such an inferior wheel and tire setup?" All I can do is shake my head.

As promised a tire review. As I mentioned earlier I purchased a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks for the winter time. I've also owned a set of Hankook I-pike winter tires.

So far I've only driven the blizzaks in dry conditions and will have to report back after our first snow fall. The blizzaks ride nice and smooth maybe a lil to smooth. They are very quiet around town and at highway speeds. The sidewalls are very round and lead into a very aggressive directional tread blocks. They leave a lil to be desired in the turns as I noticed a decent amount of push through the turns. That being said they are snow tires. Lets hope they perform as good as the Hankook I-pike in the snow!

The Hankook I-pike is a very good winter/snow tire. They inspire a lot of confidence on the road whether its dry, snowing, sleeting etc. The tires also have a nice aggressive directional tread pattern. The tire has more of a squared off look to it no roundness at all. During the winter in dry conditions they held the turns just as good as the Ultra High Performance Summer tires do in the summer. The I-pike allowed great acceleration and awesome stopping ability in any type of whether. They ride very quiet and smooth. When I explain these tires to others I often say its like putting racing tires on for the snow.

To summarize as of now the Hankook I-pike gets my vote for a winter/snow tire. Price is around the same $143 for Hankook and $142 for Blizzak. I'll update once it snow to see how these Blizzaks hold up.

I have no issues with the TPMS. Sensors programmed themselves no outrageous rain dance or dealership fees were harmed in the making of this post.


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