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The original is in the "Kids and Safety" forum.


We love our new '01 Odyssey, which we've had about 6 weeks now, but want to tell about a scare we had on the first day we owned it.
We'd brought the car home late at night, and the next morning our daughters, aged 7 and 10, ran out to see it. I followed with the keys. Almost immediately, my 7 yo started screaming (she was on the other side of the van by now) and I could see the passenger side sliding door opening. I pushed the button on the keyring for that door, and it fortunately stopped, another push reversed it's direction.

What had happened was this: my younger daughter had pressed her body against the side of the van, near the back, to peer in the window. Her elbows were pointed out, flat against the window. Meanwhile, my older dd had grasped the door handle to look inside. The door opened over my daughter's arm. Because I stopped it before it finished opening, and reversed it, no serious harm was done- just some redness, a minor scrape, and bruising. I don't know what how seriously her arm might have been hurt if I hadn't done this.

The door's safety stop works when the door is closing, but not at all when it is opening. I later tried to forcibly stop the door once it began to open, and I cannot-only the button, on the keys or in the car, will stop it once it begins. My older dd was trying frantically to close it at the time, too.

It seemed like a freak accident, but when you think about it, kids often peer into the back of cars like that. I took some pictures of her arm, and of the position she'd been standing in against the vehicle, they've just been developed and I hope to write Honda soon. I think they should address this.

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