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Sliding Door Light

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Hey guys,

My dash shows a sliding door light so the left sliding door does not open or close with the remote or side buttons on the driver's side. I saw some videos online and tried resetting the fuses. That works for a little bit but the door computer recognizes the error and the light appears back and the door stops working. I used a code reader that the control unit had low voltage, millimeter wave radar sensor error, CAN Communication failure, and sensor cluster failure.
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Use the foil trick to read the code. If there is a slide door light, there is an associated B-CAN code.
Sliding door light means there is a code in the sliding door module. Whatever code reader you used wasn't able to pull that code.

Most likely you have a bad switch in the rear sliding door latch. It's very common on these vans. It will also give you a 400mA parasitic draw so your battery will go dead if you don't drive the van for 2-3 days.
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Here's a timestamped link to the video that shows you how to pull the B-CAN DTC. Watch the video at 0.75 speed if needed since it is sped up:
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