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"Sloshing" sound.....

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This was mentioned in my post at the end of the last thread...but my neighbor, who loves her GG Ody, talks of an annoying "sloshing" sound when the gas tank is full. Does that sound familiar?

Also, can "road noise" be fixed by turning up the radio? (That's how I fix my Volvo's road noise!!)

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The "sloshing" is normal in the '99-'01 models. Not sure if the '02 owners have noticed this in their vans. Seems Honda skimped on sound-deadening in that area. Just an annoyance that you will be used to after a few drives.
One of the reasons of road noise is the type of tire a car is using. You can always switch tires.

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Yep, I hear the sloshing in my '02 Ody. You really only hear it when the tank is full.
There is a thread on this from 9/27:

See my post at the bottom. As it says, all Honda I have owned do this.


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Sloshing is normal for the Odyssey. I noticed it at first, but I don't even notice it anymore. It is only occasional. I don't hear it daily or sometimes weeks. I wished Honda could have designed a better gas tank, but overall it is not a problem for me. Overall the van is quiet.
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