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Small dents on rear hatch near handle

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by seahorse:
More than half the Odys I have closely inspected have small wrinkles in the flat inset panel where the rear license is attached to the hatch. I started looking because I noticed the dents in ours about a month after we bought it, when the light hit it in a way that made them stand out. Because of the placement and the frequency of similar wrinkles on other Odys, I am now pretty certain that it is a manufacturing defect. Our dealer said that their dent guys would probably be able improve upon them, but I haven't given them a shot at it yet.</font>
Only more than half?? Darn, you mean some don't? Ours came that way, it looks like a few small, shallow reversed creases around the rear license plate it's dented outward. I'm sure it was manufactured that way, as I don't know how anyone from the dealer could create portruding wrinkles without taking off the interior panel and wacking it from the inside to create them in that direction. I'm with you, it's a manufacturing quirk and I wouldn't let the dealer mess with it. It seems solid enough, and almost like there is a bit too much metal surface shoehorned between the tail lights, so it's wrinkled outward just a little. I don't think the dealer could flatten it out as it would need a place to go, which is why it's wrinkled outward in the first place (IMHO). I think about all the dealer would do, would change bumps to depressions which would look worse dented inward. Maybe the reported sheetmetal changes for 2002 will be in that area. I don't think anyone will notice, I had to point it out to my wife after I asked her if she could find the lumpy metal on the back and she couldn't. If anyone does notice, just tell them, "It's where the parachute pops out, and you can't pack a drag 'chute perfectly flat... clever people those Japanese, huh?"

Seriously, Honda should have had that wrinkle ironed out of their Ody manufacturing by now. Maybe they'll become classics like, "I have one of the original Wrinkle-Tail Odysseys", LOL.

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