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Smartbuy or SmartLease

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HELP!! My other car has died (not an accident just old) worth nothing at wholesale.

I am waiting for my red EXL-RES to come in Oct. Unfortunately my payments will be in the mid $500.

Now I have to get another vehicle. My payments on that vehilce will be the same as my new Odyseey. I can't afford over $1K monthly payments.

The other vehicle I am buying is the lowest Chevy LS 2WD Suburban (DH does not want 2 minvans in our driveway). So I am thinking of Smartbuying or Smartleasing it.

Please advise me of the good, the bad, and the ugly about Smartbuying or Smartleasing it.

We don't want to buy a used car because we are not car mechanic savvy!!

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this may sound retarded, but why don't you buy a 1999-2000 used ody for now, and then trade it in for the new one and then get an economy car. the resale on the odys are very high.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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