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Snow Tires for Upstate NY weather?

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I posted this in the wrong area earlier, sorry for the double post.

Looking to get some snow tires i think? I was slipping a bit today in our "new" 2008 Odyssey and it was not fun. The mich tires on it are at 50% according to the dealer.
This is our first minivan- we have had suburus in the past and so i am not quite sure what to expect this winter here in Upstate, NY in a van.
So I am looking at the Blizzak WS70s and the Masterkraft glacier grip 2 studded or maybe no studs..not sure if studs are overboard?
Anyone have these or use these in the NE region of the US? or recommend something else?
The use of the van is transporting kiddos around town, maybe a few ski trips in the ADKs and some thruway driving across NY once and a while. I just want to feel more control driving.

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We have the Blizzak WS60's on our 2004 Odyssey and love them. We had a freak ice storm several years back and our van was the only thing that made it up the hills (very slight incline). All the SUV's, cars, etc. were all stuck in a ditch or just sliding all over the place. We're about 1 hour north of NYC.
Loved my Blizzaks in upstate NY. Got me through lots of crazy snow and ice.
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