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Wow, once someone said they got the monitor on ubid, most of us went there and got one for our ody ! =). Now that we have the monitor, we need the sources. Anyone has any suggestion for some source ? Anyone heard of any VHS + DVD combo ? how about some good DVD/VCD player ? I heard a few people plan to put in a PS2 for game play and DVD. How about a dreamcast ? It can play VCD too right and the graphics are better then PS? Let's suggest some ideas !

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After living with a portable DVD player in the car we (meaning me 1st then the wife) decided to go for a in-dash DVD stereo unit. The advantages are:

1. Starts/stops playing with the car
2. No batteries to recharge (or lighter adapter needed)
3. Easier to load DVD discs
4. Not necessary to hide when left on seat
5. Controls out of kids reach
6. Plays DVD's and DVD-Audio disc's (Panasonic CQ-DVR909U only)


1. Expensive car Stereo!

Panasonic has two models of in-dash DVD players without screens. Eclipse also has a in-dash DVD stereo without screen.
OR for a different design that would also give you Dolby-Digital/DTS Clarion's in-dash or under dash DVS9755z.

Perhaps a under seat model, like Blaupunkt's player OR Lanzar SVDVD1 Also there is another model that plays DVD's and MP3's by Accele

Enjoy the show!

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Good deal from good source on mobile hifi vhs
in dash dvd
I like the the panasonic 7000u. For 699 you get dvd and receiver. Can use the built in speaker on the jensen unit for the center channel. This is a great system!

DVD Video, Video CD and Music CD playback
Built-in MPEG2 video decoder
Ultra-miniature dual-focus pickup
Anti-shock memory and floating mechanism
Automatic disc loading
Discrete 4-channel MOS-FET high power amp (45W x 4 max.)
Private mode during front/rear dual program playback
High Precision 96kHz/24bit D/A converter
Balanced power supply
5V high voltage preamp-outs
CD changer control
Aluminum diecast heat sink
Dolby Digital decoder
Dolby Surround decoder with Pro Logic circuit
Speaker management
Output balance
Delay time (Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic)
Dynamic range compression (Dolby Digital)
Alphatuner V
6 AM and 18 FM presets with preset scan
Auto preset memory followed by auto scan
FM Optimizer (FMO), Adaptive FM Front End (AFE) and Impulse Noise Quieting (INQ)
Day & Night Design
Super bright multi-color display with dimmer
Removable face panel with flashing warning light
Full-Function AV Remote Control
Video-out (RCA x 1) for rear seat monitor
Preamp-out (RCA x 6ch)
AUX-in (RCA x 2ch)
CD changer control terminal
Speaker connector (front/surround)

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