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Spare wheel

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So my parents got a 2005 Odyssey EX that was bought from an auction, salvage title. It was hit in the back, all professionally fixed. The car runs perfectly fine. Problem is, there is no spare tire in the vehicle. We dont know whether the previous owner kept it for him self or the auction people took it. Either way, we need a spare tire. I went to the dealer and they said unless we return the old one, which we dont have they can sell another one. Where can we find a spare tire since we will have a few trips this summer.

PS I checked ebay and search came up empty.
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Go to Majestic Honda and search:

Majestic Honda - The Internet's #1 Honda Automotive Parts Store

Spare Tire Rim is 42700-SHJ-A51: $41.

Then order a tire online 135/80/17 (or close to this size):

Honda Odyssey (PAX) spare tire option - Honda Discussions at

PS: Search ebay using keyword "honda pilot spare tire". The Pilot spare will probably fit but check to be sure.

The classified section has one for sale in Houston TX:

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College Hills Honda sells a complete kit for mounting a spare in an Odyssey. It's meant for those like me who de-Paxed, but would work if you need one.
As suggested, I would try a local salvage yard first, but College Hills is a viable option if the salvage yard is not an option.

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I would make sure that you REALLY don't have a spare tire. I purchased a 2007 Ody from a dealer and checked in the center interior compartment and did not see the spare tire. i called the dealer to tell them and they took the spare tire out of a 2009 they had in the lot and gave me its spare tire.

then while installing the wiring for the hitch, i notice a compartment in the rear driver side trunk area, and low and behold a brand new spare tire!! Apparently the 2007 center area is NOT used for a tire, but is just extra storage space. Pic is below.

I am not sure if all the 2005-2010 Ody's have the spare in the same place, or if it is something that was first implemented in the 2007. I have the spare tire for sale in the classified section, so if you really need it, then i have one available.


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