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Speaker install revisited

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I just put in a pair of the Polk Audio DB651s speakers in my 1999 Ody.
One of the easiest speaker installs I've ever done. Much thanks to all the great input here from others that put these speakers in.

I discovered an easy trick to eliminate cutting the wires or the need for a wiring harness/adapter.

That "Honda specific" plug comes apart and within it are the two wires with spade plugs already on. Most speakers use the spade plug to attach the wires to the speakers. All I had to do was squish them a little bit to make them fit tight on the new speakers. :cool:

Also discovered that somebody had worked on the passenger door at some point and left out all the screws that secure the door panel around the speaker area. One less rattle! :p

The Polks sound great too! Thanks again for all the folks that recommended these speakers, good call!