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Speaking of EX vs LX paint scemes

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I saw a white 2002 LX yesterday. I noticed that the door handles were black, something that's normal for LX's, but the body side moldings that run down the side of the van were color coordinated, ie, also white.

Is this the norm for the 2002 models or did the owner have some paint work done?

I didn't notice the mirrors, the Ody was turning left in front of me and there were several other vehicles between us. I only got a good enough look to notice the door handles and body side moldings.

Just wondering.....

Drive Safe,
Steve R.
'01 SS LX
Cargo tray, leather steering wheel, mud guards, alarm, fog lights, transmission cooler, in-dash CD player, Kelton subwoofer, under seat storage tray.
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2002 LXs have color-coded molding. Pre-2002s have black.


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