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just announced

starting July 14th through labor day

2.9 24-36 months
4.9 48-60 months

super prefered available to everyone through Honda Finance

with top tier credit.

This is for all 2006 Trucks
Pilot, Element, CRV, Ridgeline
and Odyssey.


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Great, got mine too soon.... :mad:

Do you know what the top tier rate is right now?

I had approval from my credit union for 6.5%, F&I offered me 6.05% through Honda Finance so I went for it. Wonder if I should have negotiated a better rate.........:confused:

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Do you know anything about the special financing rates for new/recent college grads?

So, you're finally graduating. Congratulations! To help make the transition from school to a career as easy - and as much fun - as possible, we'd like to suggest a truly enjoyable extracurricular activity: buying a new Honda or Acura automobile.

The Honda and Acura Graduate Programs from Honda Financial Services can help make it easier to qualify for financing, and allow you to drive away for a small down payment. To help make your monthly payments as low as possible, we can customize the financing term to your needs.

Give Yourself Some Credit
Taking advantage of the Graduate Program can help you start building your credit rating, making it easier to qualify for other consumer loans and credit cards.

How To Qualify
If you will be graduating with a Masters, Bachelors, or Associates degree from an accredited college or completing a registered nursing program in the next four months, or have done so in the last two years, and you have no adverse credit history, you may qualify to purchase your vehicle through the Graduate Program.

Here's what you'll need to bring to the dealer:
Verifiable proof of employment and income, or a firm commitment from an employer with a start date no more than 120 days from the date of the finance contract
Copy of diploma or proof of eligibility
Valid Driver's License
Copy of social security card
Getting Started
How do you take advantage of the Graduate Program? It's as easy as going to your local Acura or Honda automobile dealer, who will be happy to explain the details further.
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