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St. Louis recommended transmission shop

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My 2000 Ody's THIRD transmission just died.
Any recommendations on an affordable transmission shop in St. Louis?


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The first one was replaced by St. Louis Honda - when the van had around 30k miles, and the second one was replaced by Pompano Beach Honda at ~ 120k miles.
After the second one I hoped that Honda got things straight and fixed the problem...
Just 68K later, the transmission broke again. And believe me, I have treated this car extremely gently - no sudden accelerations, no high speed, mostly highway miles, etc. etc, many times making my wife crazy because I was driving "like an old man".
And careful maintenance!
I almost believe that once this transmission has been opened, no body can put it together again so that it will last for a long time. My transmission was fine until I accidentally put it in the reverse on the highway @142K. I had it repaired by reputable independent but it blew up spectacularly within 24K miles but fortunately within 3/36 warranty. It was a nightmare to get it fixed as I was 500 miles from the re-builder. Another shop fixed it but the shifting is just not as good as the original. Both of these shops came as highly recommended but I just don't think there is necessary expertise to fix these transmissions.

Reading this forum makes me believe that Gator or Jasper do better job but there is really no long term data posted here to verify that assertion.

We too treat this van extremely gently. It has probably hardly ever seen the other side of 3K on the tachometer in its entire life. No towing or anything like that and bunch of drain and fills were done to it before the accidental reverse incident.

Last month, I came across a pristine 2001 Acura CL which I was very tempted to purchase. Research showed that they eat transmission at even faster rate than Odyssey. They are essentially the same design as the Odyssey. I had to come my senses.

- Vikas
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Another bad transmission

Just lost the second transmission in our 2000 Odyssey. Unfortunately, it was a used transmission, but with reportedly 69,000 miles on it. It lasted about 20,000 more. Both my mechanic, and my neighbor who is a regional or area manager for Bosch, recommended Jasper. I found a better deal on the internet. Very good warranty, but the fellow said they did not rebuild Honda transmissions themselves, but purchased them through the contractor who does the work for American Honda Corp. If true, I am not certain that is an indicator of reliability

The used transmission installed last fall was only $500.00 less than a reconditioned one so stay away from those.

Florin: found a web site with a Coleman Taylor Transmissions dealer in St. Charles. They offer a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty. colemantaylor dot com
15 Charleston Sq
St. Charles, MO 63304
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636-939-3444 M-F 7:30-5:30
Sat. 8-12 Jimmy Newman
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