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stainless steel brake lines

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hello peeps, thinking of upgrading my brake lines. does anybody know where i can get a set of goodridge? can't find it at ebay, but did find this...Odyssey ( 1998 ) Stainless Steel Brake Lines - eBay (item 310307548896 end time Apr-27-11 02:34:23 PDT). has anybody have any experience on using this brand? any input is greatly appreciated. next project would be to upgrade to acura rl's rotors and calipers. my pads are still at 60 pct.
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At one time Rotora had some SS lines for the ODY, but I can no longer find them. I was never able to find Goodridge. Here are some choices.

Brake Lines for the Honda Odyssey from HorsepowerFreaks

OK here is the Rotora Catalog. Download and search for your application.
In my time dealing with Hondas I've seen that many parts are interchangeable. I too am looking to upgrade the brake lines on my 95 Ody with StopTech lines. I plan to pull the lines out and bring them in to the store and simply compare which ones match. I doubt there is a StopTech package reading "1995-98 Odyssey" but I'm pretty sure they are available.

According to the Rotora catalog, the front lines, ODY 95-04 (L40325), also fit the 92-97 Accord and 96-98 Acura.

The rear lines (2 lines per side), ODY 99-04 (L40069), also fit 98-02 Accord, 03-07 Pilot and various Acura.

There is no substitute for putting the part on the counter and asking for one "just like that."
Technafit makes brake lines for the Odyssey i think the price is 121 for all four i just recently purchased them.
Technafit makes brake lines for the Odyssey i think the price is 121 for all four i just recently purchased them.
I went to their site and saw lots of Honda, but did not see any ODY brake lines.

Anyway, I have read about after-market lines that leak at the swaged ends (due to faulty manufacture) and also reports that after typical long term street use, the stainless steel (even though PVC coated) chafes against the internal lumen of Teflon and causes leaks and failure.

This chafing is not a problem in racing, where you are constantly pre-flighting the car so as to catch any problems and you are using the equipment short time and on racing weekends.

I was all hot to go to SS, but I think that I will just get new OEM lines if I ever get around to it.

Please, let us know how your install goes.

Here is the link:

Brake Lines - NSX-Wiki
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Techna-Fit | SUV Brake Line Kits
this is the link for the DOT approved if your interested on them pm me ill get u them for cheap as i possibly can.
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