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Am a new member to the group. I just took delivery last night of my Certified 1999 EX with 39,600 miles. We love it and it is a HUGE improvement over my 1988 Grand Caravan with 184,000!

Any way, the night I tool it home to show my wife was really wet and rainy. The van died on me twice when coming to a stop and shuddered several other times. (Just like my old Caravan
) I told the salesman it needed to be addressed prior to delivery. On the way back in the next morning, it didn't do it for me at all (no rain) and (big surprise) the service folks couldn't duplicate it. I signed the papers and took it home, still no problems, thinking it was rain related. My wife has been running errands today and it is stalling on her all of the time, still dry. I have an appointment in service tomorrow morning, but I'm going on a 1,500 mile road trip on Sunday.

Anybody else have similar problems? Suggestions? Better still, cures?

BTW - I too have the steering wheel shimmy at 65 MPH or so. I am disappointed to learn that it is so common. Argh.
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Make sure you push the service department hard and get an answer IMMEDIATELY. You want to be able to back out of the deal if need be... I don't know about OH laws, but every state offers a "grace" period on used car sales. Make sure you don't go over this period without TOTAL satisfaction from the dealer.

Stalling is not a "hassle" problem, it is down right dangerous.

I can't offer any advice on the problem (don't have enough detail), but that's what those on-board computers are for!
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I would not approach this as a generic Ody problem but as one specific to that particular used vehicle.

I once bought a 1-year old used luxury car. Supposedly it had been driven by the dealer's wife.

Within a few days, the engine started a knocking sound, which the service department refused to hear(!!).

The knocking got worse, until the engine quit on me. I took the vehicle to another dealer who diagnosed bad main bearings and replaced the entire engine under warranty. I'm convinced that the first dealer knew about the problem.

Stick up for your rights.


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Ok, I just got the call from the dealer. Ready? The lockup torque converter isn't diseengaging upon stopping. IT NEEDS A NEW TANSMISSION!!!

The reason I didn't go buy a new Caravan to replace my old is all of the transmission trouble. Now with all of teh trouble listed on this site and this diagnosis I am having second thoughts. I am going to start a new post on whether or not I should back out while I can.


D Schaefer
99 Odyssey EX
93 Escort LX
60 Thunderbird Conv.
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