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Standard labor hours on Honda accessories installation

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I'm looking into buying an '02 Ody and is interested in buying my own accessories and have the dealer install before delivery. How do I go about finding out the standard labor hours/rate for installing the accessories? I want to make sure that the dealer don't charge me an inflated amount.
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I can think of one possible way. If you go to and go through the links to configure a 2002 Odyssey, you can add accessories while you configure the vehicle. At the end, the configurator quotes you a price for your configuration, including labor for the dealer-installed options. It tells you what the hourly rate is that it assumes for labor. From there you can work out how many hours each dealer-installed option takes.

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Thanks for the quick reply! The Honda site doesn't cover all accessory options though. E.g. things like fog lights, wood trim panels, gold emblems, etc are not listed. Any idea?


I was going to go this same route, get everything installed by the dealer prior to delivery, but due to some ’02 parts delays (fog lights, towing package, etc.) I am now going to do almost all of it myself. I’ll still have them do the stuff that involves electrical systems (fog lights) and engine systems (power steering and transmission coolers that are part of the towing package), but I’m going to do all the bolt-on stuff.

One thing to consider: if I am not mistaken the dealers go by the Honda book on labor costs for installing accessories, just like when they do repairs, so I don’t think you’ll get a lot of help there unless they are willing to do a package deal. You might be able to get some relief on the costs of the parts if you either, A. buy them from another Honda distributor like H&A and let your local install them, or, B. use these prices to keep your local dealer honest (the route I am taking). Originally my local parts department would only quote accessory parts at MSRP. After beating them about the head and shoulders with H&As prices I was able to get them close enough to the lower prices to feel OK about it.

Something else to consider: the dealer’s fees for installing some of the accessories are ridiculous. One example is the cargo tray (a big rubber liner that drops into your magic seat well). My local dealer wanted $50 to install this item, which I am sure consists of unwrapping it and dropping it into place. The dealer installed accessories will now be covered by your full warrantee period, vs. 1 year, but at those prices you can do it yourself and buy spares to boot.
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Exactly right, tnuckels. I want to get the price reference to see if the dealer would give me a close match. You mentioned there is a book for Honda's labor cost. Any idea where I can get info from it.

I'm with you completely that the only things worthwhile to have the dealer install is the electronic/electrical stuff. Going to the Honda2001 configure site, I manage to find the following install hours:

i-VES (1.5 hrs)
CD Changer (1.2 hrs)
Subwoofer (1.2 hrs)
Air Deflector (0.5 hrs)
Cargo Tray (0.1 hrs)
Cargo Cover (0.4 hrs)
Polished Wheels (1.2 hrs)
Wheel locks (0.02 hrs)

I still need to find the hours for:
Fog Lights
Woodgrain Trim Kits
Gold Emblems
Splash Guard
Cross Bars for EX Roof Rack

It looks the standard hours for cargo tray is 0.02 x ($70 rate) = $7. So, obviously some dealer like the one who quoted you do go by the book, and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

The only important number I really need is that for the Fog Lights. Any clue how I can find that. Maybe anyone who have had the fog lights installed at dealer could share how much hours they charged you for?



Like you say, the
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I've installed quite a few of the Honda accessories. There aren't many that I would consider paying a dealer to do for me. Here are my categories:

Do It Yourself (I've done 'em): Cargo Tray (obviously), Splash Guards (very short screwdriver or use hex head screws), Ash Tray, Fog Lights (read my notes), Leather Steering Wheel Cover (done and removed; reinstalled on another vehicle), Acura Leather Steering Wheel.

Consider Someone Else (I've done it): Engine Block Heater (my notes will follow, you might want to do it yourself after reading them).

Consider Someone Else (I haven't done it): Transmission cooler (aftermarket may be better and more economical (Jim?).

Aftermarket/Do It Yourself (I have): Zaino, Under Hood Light (notes to follow), Sony 10-CD changer, Additional, always hot, Power Outlets, Weathertech Floor Mats, "Coat Hooks" ('01, inexpensive (~$3), notes to follow), Scotchgard.

Another note: Don't worry about electrical accessories. Honda wiring harnesses are not difficult to install. There's no need to cut or splice any wires.

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I am considering having the install done by dealer just because I thought that the only way it will be cover under the warranty and extended warranty (HondaCare). Am I right?

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mecca:
I am considering having the install done by dealer just because I thought that the only way it will be cover under the warranty and extended warranty (HondaCare). Am I right?</font>
I can't be 100% certain but that's precisely what I gleaned from reading the brochure and speaking with my dealer; you get the warranty **if** you have **genuine** Honda accessories installed at the time of purchase (or, according to my dealer, within a reasonable time thereafter).

From the DIY-types who post here it's probably a non-issue. I mean, if you have the ability to install an accessory like fog lights, for example, you probably also have the ability to troubleshoot any anomaly that may arise thereafter. I, for one, have neither. Consequently, I'm going with tnuckel's "plan b"; print out H&A's prices and see if my dealer will play ball.
Hi, folks. FWIW, there may be a lot of different reasons to decide whether to do an accessory install yourself, but being concerned about the warranty coverage doesn't usually seem to make economic sense.

For many, if not most items the repair or replacement cost would be less than what most dealers charge to install it in the first place.

Paying even $100-150 for the dealer install of say, the fog lights, would pretty much be throwing money down the drain, except under extreme conditions. Unless you installed them in a way they could short out and burn up a harness, I can't think of anything that could fail that could exceed the original installation cost.

Installing something like a tranny cooler could be a different situation, since if it failed it may take out the trans, but if the failure didn't have anything to do with faulty installation, even that would still be covered.

I'm not saying you should do installs yourself if that's not where your comfort level is, I'm just saying that doing it to extend the warranty on relatively cheap items doesn't make a whole lotta sense.

Also, don't forget that whatever you install would have a one year parts warranty anyway and that's when most things would fail. Lastly, installing just about any two items yourself would probably save you enough money to pay for the next item.

Just food for thought.

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Other than my comfort level being extremely low, I'm simply paranoid as a result of past experience with warranty coverage. I could cite many examples but one of the more absurd was a dealer trying to weasel out of replacing a defective alternator because he suspected I had left my cell phone plugged into the accessory outlet overnight.

With respect to the fog lights in particular, you mentioned something about a fried harness which would seem to be the dealer's problem **if** the dealer installed them; obviously it would be my problem if I did the install. The dealer would be responsible for any anomaly even remotely related to the installation.

Further (to demonstrate my extreme ineptitude here), if I damage an accessory in the installation process that would be my problem as well. Hopefully, a dealer would be more proficient and, regardless, would be responsible for any untoward occurrence......I get this image of dropping the fog lights from shoulder height while, almost simultaneously, my dog gobbles up the wiring harness.

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Homer - I see you're in Chicago. I'm in a suburb of NYC and have a cramped, unheated garage. It will be impossible for me to get much access w/out having the garage door open! My van will come in late Dec/early Jan and I've got to keep in mind that anything I plan to do myself I will be doing with frosty fingers. Obviously not an issue with a cargo mat or a 10 minute external job. However, if I'm going to have to spend 45 minutes outside the car w/a screwdriver, unable to but gloves on because I'm dealing with screws and wires, I'll be inventing some new words that my kids better be well away from.

If your dealer won't play ball do you have a good local mechanic who would install parts purchased from H&A at a reasonable hourly rate? That's the route I'll take if my dealership is difficult or if it's something I decide to add a week later. My trusty mechanic is 5 minutes away - considerably closer than the dealer. Just a thought.

Good luck,
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Same problem, Dave; by the time I take delivery there could very well be a foot of snow on the ground or sub-zero temps (probably both). Also, my garage is packed with dogs, bikes, dogs, swimming pool stuff, dogs, an old refrigerator, dogs, and dog food. Anyway, my fingers don't work all that well when it's warm, so.....

But my dealer is pretty good and very close. I'm fairly confident that I won't get hosed on the accessories. Otherwise, I don't know a decent, independent mechanic, at least not one I would trust to install the Honda accessories.
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