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If you've watched one of the youtube videos on 2G starter removal, most seem to think removing the battery tray is the way to go.

I tried this and absolutely couldn't find the last of the 4 bolts. Apparently, it requires removing a panel from underneath to get to it. I wasn't interested in that as the van is sitting in the damp grass.

I then watched another video where the guy, after getting the starter out said, ya know, if you take the motor off of the starter assy in place, getting at the bottom 17mm bolt would be a lot easier. Removing the motor in place is very easy.

So I tried this method and was amazed at how well it went. 2 8mm bolts and the 12mm power wire bolt are all easy to remove in place, with the battery tray there. Then the motor falls right out. The rest of the assy (solenoid and gear reduction assy) is now very easy to remove.

Not sure if there is already a thread for this, but there should be. Might even make it a sticky, as starter repalcement seems to be pretty common on these things.
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