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starting problems

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Two month old 02 EX during the past several weeks takes several turns of the key to start. Wife also says that engine sometimes revs when she's cruising. Any ideas as to what's going on would be appreciated.
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My '02 EX has had a hard starting, rough idle problem since the 500 mile mark. Took it to the dealer at 1500 miles.
American Honda said to retain the vehicle and document everything since they have seen this combination of problems only in one other '02.
They recreated the problem once and then claimed it could not be recreated again. Gave me the car back and said keep an eye on it.
Talked to the technician who worked on it: he said they went to venturi driven fuel supply from a vacuum system in the '02 and have not updated the technical manuals. Also have a 1 or 2 second pause when I go from neutral to drive before the trans kicks in. Very odd...

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