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Static electricity fried my ODY key??

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During this time of year (due to climate changes, elevation, etc), we've had a rash of "static shock" experiences. We would get shocked just walking through the house or just by driving our ODY around. They are not serious shocks but just enough to be annoying. Just the other day, I was holding my ODY keys in my hand preparing to head outside when my keys accidentally touched metal and "static connection" can actually see the sparks at night. Upon entering the vehicle, I could no longer start the ODY. I did all the normal system checks I could think of but no luck. I then went into the house and got my wife's ODY key and it started up just fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can simply static electricity be enough to fry my key? Now I wonder if the dealership will replace it (if static electricty was the cause) or am I forced to buy a new key.
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