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Hopefully I can save at least one person some grief by posting here. We haven't had the best experiences from this dealership to begin with but its in our neighborhood so for some stupid reason I kept going. The "B17" service light came on and so I took it to the dealer to have the brake fluid flushed. There was also a recall that needed to be addressed. The charge for the fluid flush was $140 which I think it a bit steep but we bought the extended warranty on the van so I wanted to make sure that I had documentation showing that I kept up with the maintenance.
Since I don't trust mechanics, I put a dab of torque paint/assembly paint (not sure what its called) on the joint between the bleeder screw and caliper on the rear passenger side. I race my motorcycle (also a honda) and use the paint when I'm doing brake work so that I can visually check everything at the track. I'm glad I had the paint on hand because when I picked up the car, the first think I did was look at the fluid reservoir. The fluid looked clean so I was hopeful that the job was done correctly. Then I brought the car home and took the tire off to check the paint. The seal had not been broken. Also, just by looking at the brake bleeder screws I could see that they were totally untouched. This is the first time the brakes were bled on the van. If a wrench had touched the bleeder screw, there would be marks on the screws from the wrench or at the very least the brake dust would have been disturbed on the screws or rubber covers. So while I had my jack, stands, and tools out, I just bled the brakes myself.

So I called the dealer to tell them what happened and request a refund and was basically told that I can't prove that they didn't flush the brakes so they won't do anything about it.
They said that when I noticed, I should have gone there and showed them before touching the brakes myself. I get their logic, but I already wasted my morning bringing it there to pay for work that was not completed. I don't have time to be going back to show them that they're liars. And even if I did, I'm sure they'd have some story or offer to fix it...but why would I ever let them touch my car again? Also,

so I'll be leaving them some negative google and yelp reviews and did complain to Honda corporate (who in my experience will do absolutely nothing). I also called the credit card company to dispute the charge. At this point I don't expect anything to happen or get any sort of resolution.... but hopefully I can prevent someone else from getting screwed by this same dealer.
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