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Steering Wheel Shake at 65-75 mph

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I purchased a new 2000 Odyssey LX almost a year ago and from the 1st day noticed that the steering wheel shakes back and forth about 1/4 inch at speeds of 65-75+ mph. The Dealer blamed the Firestone tires, but I had them checked by 3 different shops who claim they are fine. The dealer then, TEMPORARILY, swapped my tires and rims with Honda's alloy rims. The shake diminished but hasn't gone away. Any ideas ??? Help please ?

The speed limits where I live (Washington/Idaho) go as high as 75 mph so I feel this problem often.
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We had a similar problem with our
2000 EX. Took it in for service and
the dealer recommended an alignment.
The problem went away.
i owns a 01 TW LX... I recently noticed that my steering wheels shakes... I found out that my dad Odysssey 01 Beige EX doesn't shakes like mine... i went to auto shop and found out one of my tire balance was off, so i did make a justment and went to highway for test drive... still shakes... maybe i should take it to dealer for justment... maybe my odyssey need a alignment...


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I have heard from people with the LX model that when they changed to the Alloy rims and got rid of Firestone tires that the shaking problem stopped.
Hi ya folks,

The infamous "65mph shimmy" is not unique to the ody. Other car suffer from this also on occassion. It could be alignment or wheel balance. It could also be that the wheels are slightly bent throwing it out of round caused by either curb kisses or just bad from the factory.


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I've not had a shake problem. I have had a pull to the right since I bought the car. At first it didn't feel too bad but has become more noticable with time and mileage. I made an appointment with my dealer to have the car checked next Tuesday. The service writer told me over the phone that they rarely (yeah, right) have front end problems with Hondas and that it was most likely the tires (tread or cord seperation) and they'd give me the name and address of the local Firestone dealer. Right now, I'm trying to keep an open mind but it sure feels like the beginning of the Honda dealer saying it's the tires and Firestone saying it's the vehicle and neither one of them willing to make the effort to try to fix the problem. There seems to be a lot of that going around in the auto world lately. Of course, I'm jumpging the gun here. I'll let you know how it works out.

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I've got an 01 LX, and it has neither pulled to the right or shaken (speeds up to 80mph). I do have the steel rims and firestones, and even after a major accident repair it still drives straight and smooth. My wife's old saturn sw did the same thing, but not consistently. It can be frustrating to figure out. I hope you can get this sorted out and resolved.
Hi ya folks,

I have Michelin shoes on my 01 Ody.

Has Honda been installing diff tire brands? Is it related to whether you have an LX or EX?


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i have had a shimmy between 110kph and 120kph since i bought the van. i just had the wheels balanced for the third time and now the problem is pretty much gone. i have firestone tires and i can not wait for them to mile out so i can replace them.

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I just balance the tire for third time. First two time, i went to same shop and today i visit different shop and balance it again. I found out, previous shop where I visited. their machine is having a problem. right now problem is almost solve, One machanic told me, one of my tire having a problem. So, I guess I need to stop by firstone shop soon to claim for warrantee.


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This problem isn't unique to Odyssey LX. The same Firestone Affinity tires come on both Saturn S and L series which are a major source of complaint on the Saturn groups (especially with L series owners). Shimmy, excessive road & tire noise, and poor traction comprise the majority of the complaints.

The general concensous is the Affinity's are just very poor tires. The only way to successfully remidy the problem is to replace the tires. Alignments, ballances, and rotation only fix the problem temporarilly, if at all.
The Firestone tires must have been defective because my 2001 LX came with the Michelin symmetrys installed.

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Help ! Help ! Help ! Please.

Here I am again, a year later, several tire and alloy rim swap-outs, 8+ wheel balances and the shake still exists ! Remember, this WAS purchased as a brand new 2001 LX. Is my dealer's shop just plain stupid ? Why can't they figure this thing out ?!

If there are any sharp technical folks out there I'd love to hear your diagnosis. This shake comes and goes at speeds above 68 mph. The steering wheel shakes left and right about a quarter inch and becomes hand numbing on a long trip. It is dependent on the left and right front wheels position relative to each other. At some point they are "in-sync" and there is no shake up to any speed. If they get out of "sync" with each other by 180 degrees (like taking a long left or right bend in the freeway) the shake comes in and stays until you go around a bend the opposite way and "re-sync" the left and right wheel. Could it be a slight imbalance in the rotors, CV joints, transmission ??? It is not the wheels or tires. And, especially not the balance of the wheels or tires.

Help !!!!! Please.
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I'm no expert on this subject but I'm going to pretend to be one.
Sounds more like a CV joint/axel or worn bushing problem to me. What does your tire wear look like, any weird patterns?
An unbalanced wheel usually vibrates the steering wheel up and down and usually sticks around as long a your vehicle speed stays the same. A bent or loose front wheel will wobble causing your steering wheel to shake left and right. I've also heard of some bad/aftermarket cv joints and axels which can cause the steering to shake the way you've described. This shake can come and go at different speeds and is usually prominent during acceleration. Good luck on your problem solving.

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I believe, but don't hold me to it, that Odysseys made in the US came with the Firestone tires, those made in Canada came with the Michelin tires (check your VIN - if it starts with a 1 its made in US, with a 2 its made in Canada).

I have the Michelin's on my 00 EX. About 3 mos. ago began to get a really bad shake at about 65-75. Took it to two different tire shops for balancing - neither could get it right. I was beginning to worry that perhaps the wife had smoooshed a wheel on a curb... Took it to Sears NTB and paid a little more ($14.00 per tire) for an "extra good" balance job. Worked like a charm. No vibration up to 100 mph.

Most vibrations that occur at a specific speed, such as 65 mph, are tire balance related. If a wheel has been damaged, it may be impossible to properly balance. You can minimize this problem by moving that wheel to the rear. Of course, this means you will probably have premature tire wear because the rotations will not be done properly.
All Odyssey's are made in Canada at this time. The new US plant will open later this year.
If you can find someone who has one, you might try and "on-car" wheel balancer. When used, this sort of balancer balances the entire wheel and related rotating components, such as the brake rotors/drums and might give you a better chance at getting rid of the vibration.

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We have an 01 MB LX. As I took it off the lot, I noticed the pull to the right. When we called the dealer, before I could finish my sentence, she said "pulls to the right?" She got us in right away. What was funny, though, was that after the work was finished, she called us and asked if we ran over a pothole - implying that the tires were way out of whack. No, we had not! Since then, things have been fine. Perfect driving. We have those Firestone Tires and now will be waiting for a wheel shake... hope all is corrected already.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by wallstreet123456:
All Odyssey's are made in Canada at this time. The new US plant will open later this year.</font>
I am certain that Honda has, or at least when I purchsed my 2000 EX, had two plants - Canada AND US. I remember that 99 Odyssey's made in Canada had problems with the latch assembly - the US made vans did not have this problem. I know Honda was planning to build a bigger plant (in the US) to boost production from the current level.
Can anyone clarify this? I am right?
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