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I'm sure this has been asked ad nauseum, so if so, please reference where I can find said answers.

And apologies!

Just inherited a 2004 from my in laws, its in damned near perfect condition. Seriously, I can't believe how good of condition its in, but I suppose that is the result of a well maintained ownership, keeping it clean, and driving almost all highway.

That being said - here are my questions:

1. The in dash Nav and A/C controls work just fine. However, the Nav is outdated and Honda only updates it to 2013 from what I can find. Do I have any options to replace said touchscreen and Nav system to a newer version, while maintaining the other functions?

2. If I simply install a new receiver, can I maintain the RES at all?

3. Is there a bluetooth module that can connect to the factory stereo?

Thanks for any advice, I believe I'm looking at a simple single DIN swap that has bluetooth. This, though, would cause the RES to no longer function, correct?
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