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The bus ('08 EX-L w/Nav, DVD) and I were in an accident (t-boned) a month or so ago (I and other driver are fine - no one else in either car). When it came back from the repair shop the XM button was super sticky/hard to press (just this one button - all the others work perfectly fine). You have to press it at least twice to get it to change to XM radio. However, this was not an issue prior to the accident. Of course the repair shop pleaded "We don't know what the problem is ..." (seriously???).

The insurance company told us to take it to our local dealership for a diagnostic - they said they don't know what caused it and that it would cost about $1,000 :):choke, gasp::) to replaced "the unit." Basically they can't say that the accident caused it or that someone might have hit it when repairing the bus. The insurance company now wants me to take it to an audio place locally to try to get a diagnostic.

Anyone had an issue like this and know what might have caused it? Anyone know how to fix it?
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