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Sticky weather striping on LX sliding doors

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Hi Folks,

I know this subject has been hashed out before but I don't remember reading a definite fix so I thought I'd mention my recent experience. My '01 LX has given me fits from time to time when opening the sliding doors. Because of my situation and general use of the van, my sliding doors do not get exercised as often as most probably do and I've had more than a couple of times when you would have thought the doors were locked, it was so hard to pull them off the weather strips to get them open. I've been really worried about breaking the door handle on a couple of occasions. I've tried silicone spray numberous times and it did help but the effect also didn't last long.

The other day, while washing and waxing my Ody (and boy it needed it too!) I decided to apply a coat of wax around the inside of the sliding doors where the weather stripping makes contact. The front and rear edges are no big deal but the top edge is a bit difficult to reach due to it's proximity to the body. Anyway, I can't believe the difference it made. The sliding doors release and open up as easily as the front doors do. It's much better than the silicone spray was. All that remains now is to see how long the effect lasts.

Sorry if this has been discussed before. Just thought I'd mention it.

Drive Safe,
Steve R.
'01 SS LX
Cargo tray, leather steering wheel, mud guards, alarm, fog lights, transmission cooler, in-dash CD player, Kelton subwoofer, under seat storage tray.

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I use 303 protectant on all my door, hood and hatch rubber goods and have had no problems with sticking. My sliders, especially the left one, are not used a lot, since I have no younguns in the family, but they always open well. Just a suggestion....

Jerry O.

2001 Odyssey GG LX
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