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Someone reserrected an old thread of mine concerning a windshield trim problem I had that sometimes caused a buzzing noise at highway speeds, so I thought I would update. In hot weather I was experiencing an intermittent buzzing noise that seemed to come from somewhere in the vicinity of the instrument cluster. It turned out that the black rubber trim around the windshield was not bonded down properly along a section of the drivers side A piller and would vibrate in the wind causing the noise. A little silicone adhesive solved the problem. If you sometimes hear strange noises at highway speeds that seem to be related to temperature or wind direction here are some things to check:
1)Thoroughly check this rubber windshield trim, looking for sections that are not bonded down.
2)Pop the hood and check the two rubber gaskets to see if they are gluded down properly. One is on the underside of the hood and seals along the top of the radiator, the other is along the leading edge of the black plastic cowl. Both of these were very loose in my case.
3)Check the black plastic "skidplate" under the front bumper to see if it is snapped in properly.
4)Open all the doors and check all the black rubber door gaskets to see if they are firmly pushed into place, both on the doors and on the body. Some press over a lip and others are snapped into tracks.
5)Check your antenna to see if it is screwed down tightly. Mine was about to fall off!
6)Inspect the black plastic cowl at the base of the windshield for distortion. I understand Honda has had a problem with some of these being distorted.

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