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My 07 Odyssey started making noise over the weekend. I got a recording of it, but it did it another time and it was much more pronounced. I had it towed in to my local honda dealership because it is under warranty. It is still
making the noise, it is just alot less now. It is a chattering noise that sounds like a diesel engine or an air compressor. Almost a reciprocating noise. The dealership says they can't hear it. I played them the recording, but they can not replicate the noise in a way that is audible to them. They don't want to rip it apart if they can't hear it. They did some searches on the hond tech isis system with me, and we didn't find any sounds on TSBs that are similar. I was thinking problem with the oil pump. Valve noise would be more clicking the clattering like this. I don't think it is the power steering pump, it was just replaced because it was whining. I was thinking maybe bearing noise, but I would think that would be more whirring or whining, that this reciprocating noise. I posted the noise here on google

I understand that it is not consistent and the dealership's hands are tied, but I am frustrated that my wife and kids drive around in the van every day, and I know something does not sound right.

Any advice?
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