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I have an 02 EX arriving soon and was thinking about adding the subwoofer but I have a few questions for those who have it installed.

1.What is the standard price Honda charges to purchase and install the subwoofer?

2.What is the best price you have negotiated with the dealer for purchase
and install?

3.Would an aftermarket brand have better sound and be a less expensive way to go?

4.I have seen Handa's sub and they recommend a professional installer. If I buy Handa's sub how would I get it installed?

5. Handa's Installation guide showes a switch on the dash for the sub. Does the subwoofer turn on automatically with the radio or do you activate the switch to turn it on each time?

Sorry about asking so many questions. This site has been a huge value for me I hope I can return the favor somday.
Thanks to all
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