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surface rust?

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Anyone noticed a problem with surface rust along the rubber strips in the rain channels of the EX?

I can't decide if it's rust or just brown dirt . . it wipes off either way. Some of the same brownish (rusty) looking stuff was actually ON the strip, so that's why I think it's just dirt. I also found the same stuff in the rubber seal on the right sliding door. I also have what is either a paint-blob or rust coming up under the paint along the right side rain channel . . I'm hoping it's just a clump of paint that slipped through quality inspection. If it's rust, I suppose it will come on through the paint, hopefully before the warranty runs out.

I don't think I have a problem, but it might be useful to know if anyone else is having premature rust problems. Generally rust isn't an issue here in the deep south.
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Nah, don't worry about that, I would think it's just dirt. And considering you live in Alabama, where i'm sure theres not too much winter driving and salt all over your car, I wouldn't worry.
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