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Suspension Coil Spring

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2002 Ody LX; 109K miles; hitch

I intend to replace my rear shocks with Monroe Sensatrac Load-Adjusting Shocks. My question is: do I also replace the suspension coil springs?

The vehicle does not necessarily handle badly, other than sometimes porpoising on the interstate when fully loaded and the back of the van a little low when i hitch the boat.

Do the suspension coil springs have a life span?

Finally, I'm assuming that the rear shocks are an easy replacement. Is that what others have experienced? What about the coil springs, are those easily replaced as well?
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I need to get started on replacing all the bushings in the front end and I was curious if I had to worry about the coil spring. I haven't actually looked at the front suspension yet to get an idea of where to start, so I'm asking this in advance. I'm just unsure of how the a-arm bushings and ball joints are going to be installed with the spring on there.

My dad says if I just jack the car up on the frame, the spring won't be under any compression and I'll be free to dissamble. I find this hard to believe from some of the previous posts I've read on the front springs...I may just rent a spring compressor from Auto Zone today.

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